We’re looking for a few good organisms!

A couple notes for the new players:

I’m willing to entertain practically any sentient species. The Star Patrol is open to all! Though I’ll say that I’d prefer that it be something written up in a D20 book somewhere.

The game is called Star Patrol for a reason… if you don’t want to play a member of the Galactic Police, prepare to have a good excuse, along with a reason you’d tag along halfway across the galaxy with these bozos (Jon is welcome to keep playing his guy, or swap out at any convenient time).

A (very) rough char gen outline is available here. But we’ll go through things next game, so don’t worry.

You’re welcome to play whatever psionic class you’d like, but for reference the following have not been taken: Healer, Nomad, Soul Knife. If you want to play a wilder, talk to me. I’ll also entertain a couple non-psionic classes. Again with the talking.

Likewise, the following loose character archetypes haven’t been taken: “The Face”, “The Medic”, “The Planner”, “The Gunner”, “The Strong Guy”

Star Patrol

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