Star Patrol

Space Detroit

The party were given the confiscated ship (Callsign now: Legion 1) and sent on their way to their new assignment in the Jodo system.

Opting to ignore the briefing documents sent them, they instead focused on the more urgent activities of turning one of the sotrage chambers of the ship into a discoteque.

Upon getting to the system they were set upon by semi-polite pirates that demanded a 1000 credits for rifling through their belongings. Del talked them down to 200.

Upon lannding they found that the city was largely in ruins and the planet they were stationed on was run by a black market crime lord named Damar. His major competition were the pirate queen, Honorata and the generalissimo, Kromax.

After being kidnapped, The party formed an accord with Damar that, for the now, they wouldn’t directly interfere with his business, but intended on trying to see to the safety and well-being of the civillians.

On this Day they found both that the local food was enjoyable (if exotic) to the human palate, and that most creatures excretions and efflusions held no value here. Kennet hung his head in sorrow. Del broke out into “I think I’m gonna like it here!” from Annie.

The crew hired two local homeless bums (Karnath and Friend) to help them clean up their station and get itready for operation.

They had made an agreement with Damar’s wife, Iona that they would be allowed to own a parcel of land and all scavenging right within for 20,000 credits. So they took to the ‘j-belt’ (a “no-man’s land” asteroid belt full of various junk) to find some salvage to set up a minor power grid and to start on the credit accumulation.

After much skilled piloting, ship to ship combat, and some radiation sickness, they retrieved a partial frieghter and the gun form a smaller fighter.

After having repaired the salvaged engines and searching their area for more salvage, the Crew started plans on the slow growth of their sphere of influence in the Jodo system.


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