Star Patrol

To the Rescue, sort of.

Two new Star patrol folks showed up to see if there was validity to the claims that the party had found artificially created psionics and an illithid. After seeing Proof with their own eyes, the two newest members, Wik’iboj and Zarathustra still felt it reasonable to treat the party like retarded nephews about the discovery.

After briefly explaining the current political situation and their plans to slowly build influence in the area, the two new members (perhaps reluctantly) agreed that the recue would be useful for the patrol to make a foothold in the area.

After a LOT of planning and deft maneuvering through mine fields, the party landed on the Asteroid that Kromax was supposedly holding Iona with only minor damage to the ship.

When they snuck up on the base, they found that it appeared to be deserted…


igoritzelf igoritzelf

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