Star Patrol

Your princess is in another castle...

Del LegionUpon entering the fortress they found that there had been a large battle of some sort leaving many uniformed Kromax soldiers (blue goblins) dead.

The group investigated the tower and found a few traps (some of the traps found them).
Upon going directly to the top floor and haking their way past the lock, they were met by 4 Blue Psionic Goblin soldiers of Kromax. The party made short work of them and found that they were defending a mortally wounded Kromax (a blue psionic orc).
Kromax informed them with his dying breaths that they had been assaulted and that Iona had been captured (again) and that “Nibbler” would know what had happened to her.

The party then searched the rest of the tower for valuable information and clues. They found several bricks of a clay-like substance in a locked vault. they also took over the tower’s defenses and command computers.

After that had been taken care of they headed planetside with the corpse of Kromax, to be frozen for later study. They also locked away the clay bricks , knowing they were valuable, but not why.

With that bit of housekeeping taken care of, they conferred with Damar , who was currently leading an assult on another of Kromax’ ateroid fortresses, and found that Nibbler was the ‘leader’ of the BLACK MARKET ASTEROID, and that they may be able to barter with him for the information.

Upon hearing this, the group decided that it may prove as a good opportunity to get more info about the are and to stock up on medical, repair and food supplies for the area they intended to re-civilize. Wheen the reached ASTEROID, they fed some local urchins, who gave them basic information about the area. They spent a lot of time bartering for foodstuffs, medical supplies, and repair equipment. Del Legion and Volcain Soulfire bought a couple doses of a local designer drug to placate the local “medicine dealer” under the intent of studying the makeup of the drugs which were apparently meant to enhance certain performances of the imbiber. During this time they determined that the clay bricks they found were a fortune’s worth of the designer drug “Brainstorm.” Peeple would take it to get the psionic powers it gave them, and would become very addicted, and would eventually die if they did not continue taking it. The party assumes at this point that they discovered the one source of this drug, and that there would not likely be any more made, and that when the various dealers’ stores go dry, a lot of people will die of withdrawal. Del Legion and Wik’iboj decided that at their earliest chance, they should study the drug to see if there is a means to offset the addiction or mimic its effects without the deadly addiction.

Poking around on a computer system the party eventually got an appointment to have a ‘teleconference’ with Nibbler. in the meantime, they have taken to overseeing the loading of the recently purchased good onto their ship.


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