Galactic History

Galactic History

In the beginning was…well, no one’s very sure, because nobody was there. Life appeared nearly simultaneously throughout the galaxy, but was, to all evidence, confined entirely within its respective systems. Opinions differ as to the cause: whether chance, design, or merely the exponential effect of technological progress, but sentient life suddenly burst on the galactic stage in the last few thousand years.

Starship technology spread throughout the galaxy, uplifting formerly planet-bound species. As could be expected, colonization, alliances, and petty wars soon followed. And then the Mindflayers came. Sweeping through the galaxy like a cancer, the Illithids brought species after species under their domination. Only a few planets managed a decent defense, largely due to innate psionic ability. One of the most powerful holdouts were the LeShay, a mysterious and very old species, and one of the first to manage stardrive technology. Though normally a peaceful, contemplative race, they nevertheless were able to convert much of their technology for warfare. But they never gave up hope that the illithid’s strange motivations could become known and understood, and made grand (and some argue foolish) gestures, such as a tremendous space station, known as the lighthouse, to try and sue for peace.

History is jumbled towards the end of the war, mainly due to the Mindflayers scorched-brain policies. But a few things are known, or at least suspected: the LeShay discovered a race of vastly superior Psionic power towards the center of the galaxy. There was a great battle there as the Illithids sought to block the LeShay from contacting them to ask for help, concentrating nearly every fighter within range. And then, the LeShay vanished. Every single one, everywhere in the galaxy. But just as suddenly, the spell was broken, as one thought was broadcast though every sentient being: THEY HAVE FAILED. WE SHALL ASSIST YOU. Psychic energies flowed through the survivors, snapping any bound to the Mindflayers, and opening the dormant powers of many species. The mindflayers quickly fell.

Thus ended the first Galactic War in the fall of 1971.

The illithids withdrew, only ever seen rarely, and never in force. Humanity managed to make it out of the situation alive, and were welcomed as a newcomer species. The LQS forgot the location of their homeworld. The Lighthouse was lost. And the first traces of what became the Star Patrol was born. That planet housed a species of ultra-powerful, yet supremely isolationist beings: the Fraal. They nevertheless decided to help in their own way summoning those they deemed worthy bodily to their planet, they provided what was at once a tool, a companion, and a source of power: the IOUN stone. But they only dealt on a personal level, and never directly involved themselves in politics.

The next several hundred years were a time of rebuilding. There was a definite power vacuum, and galactic society raced to fill it. Vast empires were formed, which lead to inevitable conflict: the Second Galactic War. Unlike the first, this was a war with no clear “good” or “bad”, merely “us” and “them”. Lasting a hundred years, it finally ground to a halt only through exhaustion. But behind the scenes, many of those possessors of the stones were instrumental in pushing their governments to come to a delicate peace.

This was the Galactic Concord formed: a treaty organization between the many Stellar Nations, designated to remain always neutral and resolve disputes between the Nations. And the Stellar Corps was also formed at this time with its four ranks: Navy, Marines, Administration, and I forget the fourth. Many of the IOUN wielders found their way to the Administrative branch, preferring the life of a civil servant of that of a politician, much like their benefactors. Thus, the Star Patrol was formed.

Galactic History

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