Star Patrol

Rats? I hate rats. They make me go crazy.

Crazy? I was crazy once. The GM put me in an adventure module with rats.

The party searched an old building.
It was an old medical clinic (cosmetic surgery clinic)
It was filled with blue psionic rats and a Blue Psionic Owlbear.
THey killed all but one rat, which they frozse in a cryolab in the clinic.

they also found a recently starved Illithid that the clinic had apparently been extracting fluids and tissues from to create an experimental substance to give creatures psionics.
They also found a buch of “psionic switches” that respond to psionic commands.

they were then summonned by Damar who wanted them to rescue Iona, who had been kidnapped by Kromax


igoritzelf igoritzelf

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