Star Patrol

The End??

- party “met” Nibbler as simply a faceless user on the other end of a computer terminal
- they soon discovered he had eyes and ears all over the station and could listen in on their conversation
- he offered to trade them, quid pro quo, for info on where the prisoner was being kept
- they told him of the location of the skoderiders (and that mindflayers were around?)
- Inoa, it turned out was head of the clinic that developed Brainstorm
- he let them know that, while she had thought she was coordinating an elaborate plan to have Honorata rescue her and thereby collapse all the warlords and rule the systm herself, in fact she was communicating with someone else
- “someone else” was a mysterious large ship disguised as an asteroid
- further negotiations brought out that the atmosphere on the ship was highly flammable
- they attacked the ship, making quick work of the fighter defenses though mental confusion
- landing in the docking bay, they quickly made for the oxygenated areas of the ship
- unfortunately, at this moment Vulcain’s brain flu chose to manifest itself, spewing psionic power all over the ship
- after desperately attempting to stave off the almost inevitable spark, Vulcain died the way he lived: flaming.
- through a quirk, most of his companions were within a globe of cold, however Kennit caught the full blast as it tore through the ship
- the party limped its way to the door to the control room, revealing a mindflayer standing over the barely-living Iona, strapped to a bed, fluid draining out of her
- the party didn’t stop to investigate or question, and went guns blazing
- the illithid managed to bring down several of their breathing powers, but died from a tremendous blast from Del, powered by the last dying embers of vulcain’s IOUN stone
- soon thereafter, the cavalry arrived, having been summoned by the mere mention of a dead illithid in the lab


igoritzelf garthog

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