Star Patrol

The End??

- party “met” Nibbler as simply a faceless user on the other end of a computer terminal
- they soon discovered he had eyes and ears all over the station and could listen in on their conversation
- he offered to trade them, quid pro quo, for info on where the prisoner was being kept
- they told him of the location of the skoderiders (and that mindflayers were around?)
- Inoa, it turned out was head of the clinic that developed Brainstorm
- he let them know that, while she had thought she was coordinating an elaborate plan to have Honorata rescue her and thereby collapse all the warlords and rule the systm herself, in fact she was communicating with someone else
- “someone else” was a mysterious large ship disguised as an asteroid
- further negotiations brought out that the atmosphere on the ship was highly flammable
- they attacked the ship, making quick work of the fighter defenses though mental confusion
- landing in the docking bay, they quickly made for the oxygenated areas of the ship
- unfortunately, at this moment Vulcain’s brain flu chose to manifest itself, spewing psionic power all over the ship
- after desperately attempting to stave off the almost inevitable spark, Vulcain died the way he lived: flaming.
- through a quirk, most of his companions were within a globe of cold, however Kennit caught the full blast as it tore through the ship
- the party limped its way to the door to the control room, revealing a mindflayer standing over the barely-living Iona, strapped to a bed, fluid draining out of her
- the party didn’t stop to investigate or question, and went guns blazing
- the illithid managed to bring down several of their breathing powers, but died from a tremendous blast from Del, powered by the last dying embers of vulcain’s IOUN stone
- soon thereafter, the cavalry arrived, having been summoned by the mere mention of a dead illithid in the lab

Your princess is in another castle...

Del LegionUpon entering the fortress they found that there had been a large battle of some sort leaving many uniformed Kromax soldiers (blue goblins) dead.

The group investigated the tower and found a few traps (some of the traps found them).
Upon going directly to the top floor and haking their way past the lock, they were met by 4 Blue Psionic Goblin soldiers of Kromax. The party made short work of them and found that they were defending a mortally wounded Kromax (a blue psionic orc).
Kromax informed them with his dying breaths that they had been assaulted and that Iona had been captured (again) and that “Nibbler” would know what had happened to her.

The party then searched the rest of the tower for valuable information and clues. They found several bricks of a clay-like substance in a locked vault. they also took over the tower’s defenses and command computers.

After that had been taken care of they headed planetside with the corpse of Kromax, to be frozen for later study. They also locked away the clay bricks , knowing they were valuable, but not why.

With that bit of housekeeping taken care of, they conferred with Damar , who was currently leading an assult on another of Kromax’ ateroid fortresses, and found that Nibbler was the ‘leader’ of the BLACK MARKET ASTEROID, and that they may be able to barter with him for the information.

Upon hearing this, the group decided that it may prove as a good opportunity to get more info about the are and to stock up on medical, repair and food supplies for the area they intended to re-civilize. Wheen the reached ASTEROID, they fed some local urchins, who gave them basic information about the area. They spent a lot of time bartering for foodstuffs, medical supplies, and repair equipment. Del Legion and Volcain Soulfire bought a couple doses of a local designer drug to placate the local “medicine dealer” under the intent of studying the makeup of the drugs which were apparently meant to enhance certain performances of the imbiber. During this time they determined that the clay bricks they found were a fortune’s worth of the designer drug “Brainstorm.” Peeple would take it to get the psionic powers it gave them, and would become very addicted, and would eventually die if they did not continue taking it. The party assumes at this point that they discovered the one source of this drug, and that there would not likely be any more made, and that when the various dealers’ stores go dry, a lot of people will die of withdrawal. Del Legion and Wik’iboj decided that at their earliest chance, they should study the drug to see if there is a means to offset the addiction or mimic its effects without the deadly addiction.

Poking around on a computer system the party eventually got an appointment to have a ‘teleconference’ with Nibbler. in the meantime, they have taken to overseeing the loading of the recently purchased good onto their ship.

To the Rescue, sort of.

Two new Star patrol folks showed up to see if there was validity to the claims that the party had found artificially created psionics and an illithid. After seeing Proof with their own eyes, the two newest members, Wik’iboj and Zarathustra still felt it reasonable to treat the party like retarded nephews about the discovery.

After briefly explaining the current political situation and their plans to slowly build influence in the area, the two new members (perhaps reluctantly) agreed that the recue would be useful for the patrol to make a foothold in the area.

After a LOT of planning and deft maneuvering through mine fields, the party landed on the Asteroid that Kromax was supposedly holding Iona with only minor damage to the ship.

When they snuck up on the base, they found that it appeared to be deserted…

Rats? I hate rats. They make me go crazy.
Crazy? I was crazy once. The GM put me in an adventure module with rats.

The party searched an old building.
It was an old medical clinic (cosmetic surgery clinic)
It was filled with blue psionic rats and a Blue Psionic Owlbear.
THey killed all but one rat, which they frozse in a cryolab in the clinic.

they also found a recently starved Illithid that the clinic had apparently been extracting fluids and tissues from to create an experimental substance to give creatures psionics.
They also found a buch of “psionic switches” that respond to psionic commands.

they were then summonned by Damar who wanted them to rescue Iona, who had been kidnapped by Kromax

Space Detroit

The party were given the confiscated ship (Callsign now: Legion 1) and sent on their way to their new assignment in the Jodo system.

Opting to ignore the briefing documents sent them, they instead focused on the more urgent activities of turning one of the sotrage chambers of the ship into a discoteque.

Upon getting to the system they were set upon by semi-polite pirates that demanded a 1000 credits for rifling through their belongings. Del talked them down to 200.

Upon lannding they found that the city was largely in ruins and the planet they were stationed on was run by a black market crime lord named Damar. His major competition were the pirate queen, Honorata and the generalissimo, Kromax.

After being kidnapped, The party formed an accord with Damar that, for the now, they wouldn’t directly interfere with his business, but intended on trying to see to the safety and well-being of the civillians.

On this Day they found both that the local food was enjoyable (if exotic) to the human palate, and that most creatures excretions and efflusions held no value here. Kennet hung his head in sorrow. Del broke out into “I think I’m gonna like it here!” from Annie.

The crew hired two local homeless bums (Karnath and Friend) to help them clean up their station and get itready for operation.

They had made an agreement with Damar’s wife, Iona that they would be allowed to own a parcel of land and all scavenging right within for 20,000 credits. So they took to the ‘j-belt’ (a “no-man’s land” asteroid belt full of various junk) to find some salvage to set up a minor power grid and to start on the credit accumulation.

After much skilled piloting, ship to ship combat, and some radiation sickness, they retrieved a partial frieghter and the gun form a smaller fighter.

After having repaired the salvaged engines and searching their area for more salvage, the Crew started plans on the slow growth of their sphere of influence in the Jodo system.

The story so far

Feel free to add detail to this:


You were called into service, and showed up at the recruiting office.
You were inducted into the Star Patrol academy.
Your “Final Exam” was a simulation designed to test your mettle.
You were granted IOUN stones in a lavish ceremony, and were among the few sentients granted audience with the Fraal.
You were all assigned to The Lighthouse
You met and had lunch together before shipping off
Del first hears of Urbleck


First assignment: bodyguards

You met T’kizz, the resident Patrol Officer, who had requested assistance after losing several of his legs.
The lighthouse jumped to Mikoa A, a frontier system, but one that could serve as an excellent “hub” for future expansion
Your first assignment was a routine survey of Mikoa A’s sister system, Mikoa B with the lovely PhillupAlmost immediately, the small craft was followed by some locals.
The first notable planet you came across had evidence of recent ship activity. Touching down, you found a small camp containing a Vertion generator (a useless instrument). You were also attacked by something oozing along that fed directly on energy.
After escaping, and realizing the planet was covered with these things, you marked the planet DO NOT LAND and moved on.
On the nearest planet to the sun, you found strange emissions coming from near the poles. By this time, the natives had caught up. After one of the fanciest displays of magma-leaping ever seen, you came to a cave.
Within the cave were thousands upon thousands of tridium (aka Tri-D) crystals. These crystals are key to performing large bank transfers, and are NEVER seen in nature.
After bribing the locals to keep quiet about it, you stumbled upon another secret: a colony of Skoderiders, clam-based creatures thought to have been wiped out in the first intergalactic war.
You managed through difficult and maddening negotiations to get the apaprently massively-xenophobic creatures to agree to leave before the inevitable gold rush.
A few days later, you were attacked by claim jumpers who had seen the data the locals had broadcast.
You quickly dispatched the claim jumpers and then saw the Skoderiders’ decrepit old ship take off.
Soon you were relieved by a unit of marines on a large ship that was to be converted into a mining base.
Heading home, you found the station in a frenzy. There was a massive bubble, accompanied by spikes in theft and other disruptie behavior.
Kennit turned into a littler, flying Kennit
You met the doctor, J’Kwibo, a mound of flesh who prefered his taste organs to cold, mechanical diagnostic equipment

Second assinment: Mall cops

So you got your first dressing-down by T’Kizz for allowing the data to get leaked, and in general making his life difficult. At least his 401(k) was doing well.
You went to the central park, and met Yrdau
Del had his first taste of Urbleck
You broke up a fight over excreta
You learned the brig is also a flophouse
You learned that there was a possible theft planned
You disabled a bomb in engineering designed to kill the elevator power
You caught some myconids attempting to hijack a suitcase of crystals
Kennit hid inside the suitcase for the dropoff
He was tracked to a safety deposit box at the local bank, whereupon you brought down security mesasures, but arrested ambassador Thayne when he tried to pick it up
You stumbled on some bee people running a florist’s shop, but came back to find it empty, and accidentally left the door open

Third assignemnt: Search & Rescue

T’kizz seemed unusually critical of your stellar policework and inisted upon doing the interrogation of Thayne himself
An urgent request for assistance came from Mikoa B, you were dispatched to investigate
You got an email from Philup, which you promptly ignored
The miners were in some kind of shock
You discovered the Skoderiders hadn’t really left, but used a powerful illusion
You fought a giant bat-creature which turned out to all be in your head
Apparently, the Skoderiders do not have a Psychic volume control
They agreed to let you set up a barrier, preventing the miners from entering their caverns
They touched Del’s mind, living extensive visions, most of the First Galactic War
You picked up a couple of Littoran joyriders who got trapped on the energy-sucker planet
Upon returning, you met Ajah, the girl’s father, who told you more about politics on the Lighthouse
Most of the rest of the station was very unhappy to see you—you checked your email and discovered that Philup had noticed the energy signal on the crystals fading

Fourth assignemnt: Sit on your asses

Tk’izz, having suddenly found himself needing to work an extra 5 years before retirement was in a remarkably even-tempered mood
He announced that you were all going to be given a promotion, in light of your whistleblowing to a fierce, and honorable front-line assignment in the Jodo system
The lighthouse was going to be kicked out of the Mikoa A sector remarkably early (8 days later), having decimated the local economy in record time
The negotiations over hyperspace trade lanes were permanently shelved
You asked, and were not dissuaded from, picking up the smuggling investigation
A check of trades at the stock market revealed Phillup was now independantly wealthy, along with a company which ended up being a series of nested shells
Met administrator Klindo, who seemed to be way over his head
Peeking over his tremendous shoulder, you learned Thayne had used several “independant contractors” for investigative work
One of those three was missing
This group had sent word that they had recovered… something
The crystals were forged through use of a vertion generator, the same as you had found on the energy-sucking planet
When questioned, the chief engineer, Mina, was visibly tense, but not over the Vertion generator
She had terrible data security skills: you easily hacked her account and found out she had been researching the lighthouse engines
She also was in a great deal of contact between Thayne and T’Kizz
You checkout out the bee people’s ship, inadvertently bringing the launch pass with you, allowing the bees possible escape. However you apprehended them.
You commandeered the vessel, along with a large shipment of what you assumed were drugs.
You found evidence that a ship not matching registry of anything on the lighthouse had touched down on both planets of Mikoa B
You went down to a planet of Mikoa A, met a corrupt garage owner, and discovered the team that had planted the false crystals
Any time you mentioned the crystals, vertion particles, etc., they went into a frenzy
After arguing with the dockmaster, you were let on board right before the lighthouse went into jump
Psychically-probing them burned through their heads, but revealed that they believed themselves to have been brainwashed by illithids
You recovered a great deal of physicial evidence from their ship, but Dr. J’kwibo will take some time processing it
You were finally able through honestly excellent policework to track down the movements of Thayne’s independant contractors
They were last seen near the Urbleck stand
Yerdau was gone
The Urbleck stand owner gave himself up, admitting to feeding the bodies of a number of Yrdau’s enemies to the Urbleck—Del makes a spit take, aaaaaaaand Credits!


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