Fire Spelf


Closest to the sun in the Tel-quessir system is the planet Incendia. A volcanic planet with harsh terrain and constant lava flows. The primary inhabitants of the world are known as the fire elves. Much like the other elves of the Tel-quessir system, they are pointy eared with heightened senses than humans and also have longer life spans. Physically the fire elves are unique due to their hair which looks like its fire itself and their skin is a range of browns to purples. The fire elves share the matriarchal society model of the dark elves from Menzoberranzan. Where they differ is that fire elves are honor driven warriors, they will fight to preserve their name and problems are settled through duels. It is also not uncommon for males to “experiment” with each other especially if they respect each others prowess.

Before space travel, the fire elves were not under a united flag. They were at constant war with each other because one house felt another house had dishonored them. One ambitious mother, Phoenix Soulfire, had a dream of uniting the other fire elf houses. After 100 years of battle and conquest, House Soulfire had emerged victorious.

Phoenix was a smart one and realized that she could not easily take care of all of the houses on her own, so the house structure remained as subhouses of House Soulfire. The leader of House Soulfire is given the title Mother Phoenix as recognition of the great accomplishments of Phoenix.

During the first crowning ceremony of Phoenix Soulfire a ship had appeared. It was an ambassador from the planet Arvandor, home of the High Elves. As a gift for uniting the Houses, they granted the gift of interstellar travel.

The next Mother Phoenix, Zetta, felt that the people were restless from the era of peace after Phoenix’s conquest. She decided it was time to test their prowess against the universe. They invaded the planet Maglubiyet, home of the goblins. The Fire Elves victory was a quick one as the goblins could not match the fire power that the Fire Elves wielded. Next their conquest led them to the planet Gruumsh where they met a tougher challenge. The fire elves were victorious however and Mother Phoenix Zetta wanted to push their growing empire farther. She next set forth to Yehimal, the dwarf homeworld.

Observing what the Fire elves were doing, the Galactic Counsel decided they needed to intervene. During the first invasion the counsel’s troops aided the dwarves and pushed back the fire elves.

Feeling partially responsible for what happened a High Elf ambassador, Caldidar, aided in negotiations between the Galactic Counsel and the Fire Elves.

Not only did the Fire Elves have to remove themselves from Yehimal, they also had to relinquish their control over Maglubiyet and GruumshIt. To this day, goblins, orcs and dwarves do not look kindly on fire elves and the reverse is generally true as well.

Another token of honor the Fire Elves gave was the second born of the Mother Phoenix, which would be sent to serve with the Galactic Counsel.

Fire Spelf

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