The Faen

As with many planets that saw the simultaneous rise of two sentient species, Arcun IV has known war for much of its history. As far as they were concerned, the two species were vastly different.

Quicklings, although slightly smaller than their rivals, were physically superior, being naturally faster and more agile. They were also quicker to anger, sparking many conflicts, but also quicker to forgive, as they tend to live in the moment.

The Loresong saw themselves (rightly so) as the more intelligent species, and were gifted with minor psionic abilities that could be honed with practice. As such, they had the advantage when it came to battles they were prepared for, and held grudges along generations, ensuring that there would always be such battles.

Tensions waxed and waned between the two races as generations passed, with inevitable battles influencing the progress of a Loresong-driven industrial revolution. As technology grew more sophisticated on Arcun IV, it began to seem possible that one species would soon gain the ability to entirely wipe out the other. Such an outcome seemed inevitable, until a freak galactic event turned the Arcun sun blue. A few years after that event, a third species began to make itself known, as members of both Loresong and Quickling began metamorphosing into Sprytes.

It was an ‘act of god’ moment, as both races were forced to face the fact that they couldn’t be all that different, if they both had the potential to become so similar. A true peace broke out for the first time, shaky at first, but growing stronger as the strides that the unified peoples of Arcus IV made vastly outstripped the progress they’d made previously. The Faen were on the verge of successful interstellar travel when god acted again.

The Illithid came to the Arcus system, seeking sources of psionic energy, and found it in abundance on the fourth planet. A world that had just learned peace found war again, but not for long, as the oppressive mindflayers soon took control. Slave ships began carting people away; Loresong as delicacies, Quicklings to act as shock troops in the Illithid wars, and the occasional Spryte as a curiosity.

And so, the Faen were introduced to the larger universe, as another tool of the brain-eaters. The Illithid kept the location of Arcus IV a secret, so even once enough Faen had escaped their custody to share the story, no rescue attempt could be launched. Even after the formation of the Galactic Concord and the Stellar Corps, the latter of which defeated the Illithid empire early on, the planet’s location was kept secret. All known Faen spacers are the descendants who were carted off by the mindflayers.

Contributions to galactic society:
Other than presenting a mystery that many a galactic explorer has attempted to solve, the Faen are most known for their contributions to the early growth of the Star Patrol. The naturally-psionic Loresong and Sprytes served as instructors and guides for many crops of new recruits.

What they are known for:
The universe as a whole can’t tell Quicklings and Loresong apart; something that greatly irks both races, due to their history. Strangers expect for them to both be naturally psionic and agile, and believe that they all ultimately become Sprytes. As the majority of their exposure on the galactic stage has been in a military capacity, either for the Illithid or the , they are seen as a race that enjoys conflict.

The Faen

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